Opposedsix offers this bespoke location service for sourcing an excellent example of any specific pre-owned or vintage/concours Porsche 911 as requested.  We will work our entire U.S. network to locate the right model for you. We will locate, negotiate and secure your Porsche 911 example.  At this time all services are available only to U.S. residents.


We act as the sole contact with the seller throughout negotiations, unless otherwise directed.  We can then directly or indirectly assist you in inspecting and or transporting your vintage 911 directly to your home. The example you request can be in any condition; from a correct, numbers matching and original ‘driver,’ to a recently restored  car. Or still further to a Pebble Beach concours level investment example.  

Our service is an intensive search utilizing both our seller contacts and our ‘short’ list network of trusted sellers, plus some independent U.S. companies providing only the highest quality vintage 911 examples.  Location requires some initial research time with a verbal or email conversation and Q&A. We will discuss topics ranging from what years & models most interest you, to your budget range, and then color and factory options of the highest or least importance to you.


We will work to ensure you are made aware of all the areas of concern or weakness (or upside) to particular years and models. Once you are confident in your selection, we set out to find you the best example possible.  Communication and status updates are provided on any reasonable timeline.



Opposedsix offers this bespoke valuation service to provide a written evaluation report of your specific pre-owned/concours Porsche 911 model. Requested primarily for “agreed upon” value insurance policies, divorces, lawsuits or estate planning purposes, we can provide you with an accurate current market value report of your 911. 


We will provide you with a written evaluation report of value based off both our own updated internal research or with comprehensive vehicle information supplied by you, i.e. V.I.N. and engine #, registration/odometer, images/video, maintenance and historical records etc. If you are contemplating negotiating with your insurance company towards a new, or renewing an “agreed upon” value policy, we can  provide our report for negotiating value with specialized insurance companies like Hagerty’s or Leyland West.


If you currently hold a standard comprehensive "stated value" or "actual cash value" policy, and now find yourself fighting for a much higher valuation after a theft, we can provide an independent report to hopefully help get your insurance company to raise their settlement number. Typically, you won’t receive what a well maintained vintage Porsche 911 is worth if you hold a standard “SV” or "ACV" policy. This is especially true for low production series/special models.


Please note:  We will accept zero liability for any attributable ‘loss’ directly or indirectly based off of our valuation report.  Our valuation is not an absolute ‘guarantee’ of actual value.  It is produced diligently and offered as an intelligent, best effort basis based on current research and documentation.



Opposedsix offers these bespoke concierge inspection options as a new trial service for selected buyers.  At this time we offer the ability to inspect the condition of any vintage Porsche 911 (1964 - 1998).  Or we can coordinate and provide logistical execution of the PPI (Pre Purchase Inspection) at your local certified Porsche Dealer.  With either option we work for you and represent only your best interests.


At this time we insist on the latter option for model year 1990 type 964s and newer type 993s, given the OBD 1 and OBD 2 + ECUs (Electronic Control Unit). These late 911 models are designed to interface with specific dealer hardware and software, allowing full display of a spectrum of parameters, including but not limited to:  Emissions and critical fault CEL error codes, as well as engine over redline history.  If you choose to utilize us for execution and oversight of your PPI through the dealer, we will examine and discuss all the results.


Opposedsix looks forward to making this hardware & software investment in the future.


Our 911 inspection expertise is completely non bias and will always steer you quickly away from examples with too many minor or major problems.  During the inspection process we are also able to advise you on a 911 model’s long term desirability, future potential resale value and or any long term investment projection if applicable.

Please note:  Any PPI fees conducted by a Porsche Dealer are the responsibility of the buyer or seller.  Inspect I flat fee does not inlcude travel expenses, please contact us for a quote or our travel plans.


In the interest of our proprietary checklists, our 150+ point inspection covers these major areas:


Documentation & Service Records (Sample)


Our 911 inspection actually begins first with intelligent research on all:  service documentation, ownership, maintenance/emissions records and factory literature/books stamped out from birth to current location.


What model example, V.I.N. and engine # do we actually have represented?  Was the engine born to the chassis? Is it a U.S. market example, ROW or grey market car?  "Greys" were imported in the early/mid 1980’s.


Do the option codes decode correctly to the example represented?  Can we trace the mileage timeline?  Older odometers were notoriously easy to rollback. How complete are the maintenance/service records? Is the owner a PCA.org and or Rennlist member?  Do they hold the PCOA? How long has the individual seller or independent shop owned the car? Previous owners are called if available. Do we hear excuses at this very early point or are we emailed a 90 page .pdf of records?  We much prefer the latter.


We review the title status, maintenance/service records, registration history & Carfax anomalies.  

If the car has ever been dealer serviced, copies of service are sometimes still obtainable.


Other major areas of inspection include:


Areas of specific concern by model year






Braking System









Wheels & Tires


Interior Trim

Exterior Trim

Fuel System

Service Bulletins/Recalls

Test Drive


Final Inspection Report


We will provide our final inspection report and overall thoughts (both highs & lows) on the example presented and an opinion on value or the seller's asking price. 


Opposedsix can also provide our thoughts on the car’s future resale value and in the case of a fully restored concours level car, a valuation opinion.  Our final report is sent via email or if preferred, can be discussed over a phone conversation.


It is very important that if you are a first time buyer of a 911, please realize you are buying a highly engineered  and complicated engine 

and transmission first and foremost.  Buying the wrong engine/trans can easily cost thousands of dollars or even higher to repair. While yearly preventative maintenance fees are expected, Porsche parts/labor fees can typically scare your average BMW owner.